Primary symptoms of Parkinson’s disease | Abstracts Invited

For Abstract Submission Click HerePrimary symptoms of Parkinson’s disease The primary symptoms of Parkinson’s disease are all related to voluntary and involuntary motor function and usually start on one side of the body. Symptoms are mild at first and will progress over time. Some individuals are more affected than others are. Studies have shown that by the time that primary symptoms appear, individuals with Parkinson’s disease will have lost 60% to 80% or more of the dopamine-producing cells in the brain. Characteristic motor symptoms include the following: Tremors: Trembling in fingers, hands, arms, feet, legs, jaw, or head. Tremors most often occur while the individual is resting, but not while involved in a task. Tremors may worsen when an individual is excited, tired, or stressed.Rigidity: Stiffness of the limbs and trunk, which may increase during movement. Rigidity may produce muscle aches and pain. Loss of fine hand movements can lead to cramped handwriting (micrographia) and …

4th International Conference on Neurology and Healthcare

We the Pulsus Group gladly invites all the healthcare aspirants and neurology aspirants to the grand conference of neurology to be held in Berlin, Germany during September 17-18 ,2018.

The CME event is on its progress as we have a great team of OCM, Speakers, Students, Delegates, Collaborators and Media Partners.

Be a part of the team as simple as this.

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Sponsor Opportunities | Neurology 2018

NEUROLOGY 2018 CONFERENCE 4th International Conference on Neurology and Health CareTheme: Broader Outlook in the Field of Neurology and Health Care Dates: September 17-18, 2018Venue: Berlin, Germany Why with us? In today’s economic climate your business decisions are as crucial as ever. 4th International Conference on Neurology and Health Care allows you to maximize your time and marketing dollars while receiving immediate feedback on your new products and services. 4th International Conference on Neurology and Health Care is organizing an outstanding Scientific Exhibition/Program and anticipates the world’s leading specialists involved in . Neurology 2018 organizing committee anticipates over 300 participants to attend this premier event. Your organization will benefit with excellent exposure to the leaders in Healthcare. Neurology 2018 is an exciting opportunity to showcase the new technology, the new products of your company, and/or the service your industry may offer to a broad inter…

Neurology 2018


Deadly brain cancer stopped with new compound

4th International Conference on Neurology and Healthcare
Deadly brain cancer stopped with a new compound Abstract submission @ 
Glioblastoma, one of the deadliest forms of brain cancer, may have found its nemesis. New research shows that a tumour, which is notoriously difficult to treat, can be halted by an experimental compound. New research shows that an experimental compound can stop aggressive brain tumours from growing. Glioblastoma is a particularly aggressive form of a brain tumour, with a median survival rate of 10–12 months.
Part of the reason why glioblastomas are so deadly is that they arise from a type of brain cell called astrocytes.
These cells are shaped like a star, so when the tumours form they develop tentacles, which makes them difficult to remove surgically.

Additionally, the tumours advance rapidly. This is because astrocytes provide support to neurons and control the amount of blood that reaches them; so…

6 Ways to Strengthen Your Nervous System

4th International Conference on Neurology and Healthcare
Thenervous system, one of the most complex and important parts of our body, is responsible for responding to external (through our senses) and internal stimuli and for responding to them with different corporal actions.

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Since the nervous systemis responsible for controlling the larger part of our vital functions (breathing, heartbeats, hunger, thirst, posture, etc.) as well as for our emotions (happiness, sadness, etc.), it is important to strengthen it naturally to ensure a good quality of life.

Three Beneficial Foods There are some specific foods that positively regulate our nervous system:

Baker’s yeast: Thanks to its B vitamins, it is also a good reinforcer of the central nervous system, and therefore it can help improve cases of depression, anxiety, stress, apathy, or lack of appetite.  We can eat it in powder form, mixed with juice or yoghurt, or in tablet form, if w…

Neurology 2018

4th International Conference on Neurology and Healthcare

Let's move together to witness the platform of future healthcare in Berlin, Germany

Pulsus group hosts the 4th International Conference on Neurology and Healthcare (Neurology 2018) which is scheduled on September 17-18,2018 at Berlin, Germany. The event will be a great platform for the researchers, postdoctoral fellows and other healthcare professionals to enhance their academic path in a well suitable form. The event will discuss the most recent advancements in the field of #neurology and #healthcare thereby creating a gate towards modern healthcare.
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INVITATION: -STUDENT AMBASSADORS 4th International Conference on Neurology and Healthcare is scheduled for September 17-18,2018 at Berlin, Germany.
We would also like to have  Student Ambassadors from your University / Association as this conference will provide them a great opportunity to interact with renowned speakers, doctors , researchers which could fulfil their academic interest.

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4th International Conference on Neurology and Healthcare

Neurology 2018  serves as an emerging platform to discuss about the recent advancements in neurology and healthcare which includes neuro robotics, deep brain simulation , neuro surgery , precision medicine for neural disorders and more…..

Neurology 2018 will be a grand event which is focused on the theme “Broader Outlook in the Field of Neurology and Healthcare” and ensures better advancements in healthcare for the future.

For a better healthcare in the future we would like to engage in a Conference which will track the valuable decisions from the world, hence being a part of it , I  would like to invite you to the4th International Conference on Neurology and Healthcare scheduled during September 17-18, 2018 at Berlin, Germany,which will track the evolution in Neurology and Healthcare. 
The following main themes of the conference have been discussed during presentations of the two-day event, which will outsource the valuable poin…


4th International Conference on Neurology and Healthcare (NEUROLOGY 2018)  is calling for abstracts to be presented at the conference. The Abstract submitted will be published in the conference proceedings.

The conference is CME Accredited, hence CME credits can be achieved just by joining us

4th International Conference on Neurology and Healthcare - Media Partners


Broader Outlook in the Field of Neurology and Healthcare

Medical science always witness its rapid advancement directly which helps for a better tomorrow. Investigations and researchers are continuously been done in the field of neuro science. Apart from that neurology and its complex nature attracts the view of people towards it, which could be in the form of study, research, analysis, practice or experiments that enhance the overall scope of neuro science. Hence, neurology has grown itself to the next level.
Being a complex matter in medical science neuroscience serves with different studies and specializations such as neurology, neurosurgery, pediatric neurology, neuro anaesthesia, neuro-oncology, neuromuscular, neuroimmunology and more……
Importance and Scope of Global Market
Recent advancements in neuro science have shown the entry of technology into the field which had reduced the complexity of neurological examination, neurosurgery and other types of neuro treatments. The continuous research works in this field had introduced several v…

Call For Abstracts Neurology 2018

4th International Conference on Neurology and Healthcare (Neurology 2018 ) is calling for Abstracts for the conference.(CME ACCREDITED)

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Track 01.Neuro Robotics The principles of neural activity is introduced in robots for better goals. The system includes biological neural connection networks which are inspired from actual nervous system.Neurorobotics is that branch of neuroscience with robotics, which deals with the study and application of science and technology of embodied autonomous neural systems like brain-inspired algorithms. locomotion and motor control mechanisms are inspired directly from action of human motor system while memory revolves around the patterns.Biological robots are specially designed to replace the amputated organs which could perform the same function as the orginal organ.Human-robot interface is basically the interaction between human and robot which includes artificial intelligence,language unders…